The BLUE container provided by the City of Mesa is for your recyclables.

Recyclables are picked up every Tuesday.   Pickup may occur very early in the morning.  Please put your BLUE recycling container out at the curb on Monday night.

For more information on what materials are accepted for recycling please visit the website:

This same website provides information on pickup of large items including things such as furniture and appliances.  This website also provides information on the disposal of hazardous wastes.

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The BLACK container provided by the City of Mesa is for your non-recyclable garbage.

Garbage is picked up every Friday.  Pickup may occur very early in the morning.  Please put your BLACK container out at the curb on Thursday night.

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Over-night parking in the road is not allowed in Parklinks.  The road must remain clear during the night for emergency vehicles.  Over-night parking is allowed in the parking areas at the north and south ends of the development.


During the day, if you must park in the road, please stagger the vehicles to allow room for emergency vehicles and other traffic.

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The speed limit on all streets within Parklinks is 15 MPH!

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Other Events


Throughout the year The City of Mesa sponsors “Household Hazardous Waste / Electronics & Appliance Recycling Collection Events” which are held at two locations.

Click Collection Events for a list of times, dates, locations and types of waste which are accepted.

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Happy Hour


Starting in December and lasting thru April, we have a happy hour at the pool on the first Thursday of the month from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Please bring a snack to share and something to drink. All residents, renters and guests are invited.

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HOA Meetings

1505_board_meeting_1955_124114515_stdThe Parklinks HOA Board holds monthly meetings at the pool usually during the first week of the month in the morning. Meetings may be less frequent during the Summer months.

An announcement will be posted with the day and time before hand. All residents are encouraged to attend.

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When you are leaving the pool area, especially if you are the last one out, make sure the bathroom door is locked (both locks), and that the pool gates are also locked. Also, be sure to cover the pool and/or spa tub after you are done using them.

Please remind your guests and renters too.

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